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Providing Superior Hair Restoration to Men and Women for Over 50 Years
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Complete Hair Analysis in San Francisco, California

Trusted Advice, Analysis and Care Solutions

Knowing your hair can be difficult. Our trained and caring staff are highly experienced in hair analysis. We offer personalized, effective hair loss prosthetics that are suited to your head shape, size, skin and other important factors. You can trust our team to help you restore your natural look quickly. For more than 50 years, our team has helped customers in the San Francisco area look and feel better. We know that we can meet your needs.

Cranial Prosthetics Tailored to You

You deserve to have a strong and beautiful head of hair. Hair analysis goes a long way toward making that happen. A proper, professional evaluation will tell us about the mineral composition of your hair and its general health. We will know your hair’s life span, what trends to look for and which conditions you’re dealing with. This information greatly enhances our tailored hair treatment strategies.

Serving San Francisco Since 1959

For almost six decades, we have helped countless patients find high-quality hair replacement solutions. The first step to any of these recoveries has been a thorough analysis. Getting your hair analyzed is a prerequisite for many of the powerful techniques in our industry. You should choose the best solutions by getting a hair analysis at Hansen Fontana.
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With our help, your appearance can look great again. No matter what your circumstances may be, come and visit Hansen Fontana today for the hair analysis you need. This will inform the rest of your treatment and help us care for what you specifically need.
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