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Providing Superior Hair Restoration to Men and Women for Over 50 Years
Serving the San Francisco Bay Area

Hair Loss Solutions for San Francisco, California

Enjoy a Full Head of Hair Again

Many reasons contribute to hair loss. Medical treatments and aging may each take a toll, and each set of circumstances are unique. Our high-quality cranial prosthetics cover and conceal the effects of hair loss. With our assistance, you can enjoy a full head of hair.
There are many solutions for people like you. Consult with the caring, compassionate team at Hansen Fontana today to find out which solution is best for you. In our decades of work, we have helped our customers achieve their appearance goals no matter what conditions or circumstances they are experiencing.

Thorough Hair Analysis Procedures for You

The most important step in giving you a quality head of hair is a comprehensive analysis. Our team specializes in providing our patients with accurate and affordable analyses. Once we have a secure set of data to work from, we can recommend avenues for correction. Our analysis will inform your new appearance so that it is picture-perfect.

Your Own Cut, Color and Style

Rather than offering surgical options, we specialize in providing you with personal advice and cranial prosthetics. If you are looking for nonsurgical remedies, we can take care of those in-house.
Each head of hair has different needs, and our cranial prosthetics can meet them. These hair replacements are customized for what you want to see. We have on-site stylists who can cut, shape and color the hair to your specifications. This styling can seamlessly match your existing hair and give you exactly the look you want.
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Reliable Solutions for People Like You

As we age, we sometimes feel like we’ll never look the way we used to. Fortunately for your hair and appearance, Hansen Fontana can make things right. Trust our several decades of experience as we recreate your favorite hairstyle.
Contact our clinic today to reclaim your specific hairstyle.